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V3500A Datasheet, PDF (5/10 Pages) Keysight Technologies – V3500A Handheld RF Power Meter
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RF connector
In the RF world, cables are often
equipped with N-connectors and
SMA connectors. N-con­nectors
are commonly used on test instru­
mentation, because they are rugged,
can handle high powers, and perform
well up to about 18 GHz.
This section contains information
about how to make RF signal
connections to the Type N male
RF connector (50 Ω characteristic
impedance—refer to Figure 1) of the
V3500A for power measurement.
Connection for a power
NOTE: When connecting the Type N
connector of the V3500A to a Type
N female connector for a power
measurement, observe the following
proper practice for tightening the
Type N male
connector nut
While holding the body of the power
meter in one hand, turn the Type N
male connector nut to tighten the
connection (do not turn the body
of the V3500A). Continue to do so
until the connection is hand-tight.
It is important to turn the nut of the
connector rather than the body of
the power meter when tightening the
USB port
NOTE: The term USB (Universal
Serial Bus) is used in this data sheet.
USB is simply another term for the
Universal Serial Bus.
The power meter has a USB 2.0
interface with a USB type Mini-B port
(refer to Figure 2). The V3500A can be
remotely programmed over this USB
interface. In addition to programming,
the V3500A can be powered by the
USB. With the USB connected and
providing power, and the optional
external power disconnected, the
V3500A will be powered from USB
regardless of whether batteries are
NOTE: The interface is USB 2.0
compatible, but with an interface
speed of 12 Mbps.
External power connector
The power connector provides a
connection for the optional external
power supply (refer to Figure 2). If the
external power supply is connected,
the V3500A will be powered by the
external supply, regardless of whether
USB power or batteries are present.
CAUTION: Only connect the optional
external power supply (V3500A-PWR)
to this connector. Instrument damage
may result if improper power is
Battery power
The V3500A can also be powered
by two AA batteries. If installed, the
batteries will power the V3500A only
if the external power supply and USB
are not connected.
Figure 1. Signal connection
Body—small and lightweight
build to fit into your hand
Built-in backlight display ensures
visibility in dark locations
“Zeroing” key function allows
a more accurate measurement
at low power levels
Frequency keys for rapid setting
of input signal
Arrow keys for menu selection
and settings
“Hold” key allows saving of
measurement that made in
hard to reach area until the
instrument can be retrieved
USB type
Mini-B port
for connection
to PC
External power
connector (use
with optional
power supply)
Figure 2. USB and power connector