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V3500A Datasheet, PDF (4/10 Pages) Keysight Technologies – V3500A Handheld RF Power Meter
Introducing the New Member of the Power Meter Family—
the Keysight V3500A
Key features
–– Broad 10 MHz to 6 GHz
frequency range enables use
in variety of applications,
including test of mobile
phones and infrastructures,
WLAN devices, RFID readers,
and WiMAX devices
–– Large dynamic range of
–60 dBm to +20 dBm
measures various types of
signals, either directly from the
device-under-test or through
layers of cabling and fixtures
–– Integrated power sensor
eliminates the need to carry a
separate sensor and makes it
the most compact and portable
RF power measurement
–– Internal power reference
enables self-calibration and
excludes the need to perform
independent calibration before
using the instrument
–– Compensate for cable losses
with the Relative Offset func-
tion that can add an offset to
the display ranging between
–99.99 dB and +99.99 dB
–– Absolute accuracy up to
±0.21 dB enables more precise
characterization of devices,
tighter test limits, and more
accurate fixture calibration
The Keysight V3500A handheld RF
power meter is a compact, portable
instrument that makes lab quality RF
power measurements in both field
and R&D laboratory environments.
With an absolute accuracy up to
±0.21 dB, a wide frequency range of
10 MHz to 6 GHz, and measurement
range of –60 dBm to +20 dBm, the
V3500A is suitable for a wide variety
accurate fixture calibration. In the
laboratory, it can be used as an RF
power data-logger. Using normal or
high speed mode, it easily captures
and transfers data to your personal
computer through its built-in USB
interface (cable supplied), allowing
for trend or drift analysis. Despite its
small package, the V3500A provides
outstanding accuracy on the bench,
replacing much larger and more
expensive instrumentation.
of RF measurement applications. Its
built-in power sensor eliminates the
need for users to carry both an instru-
ment and a separate sensor module,
and the same sensor is used when
duplicating tests or measurements
for better repeatability. Truly portable,
the V3500A fits easily into your hand
or a toolkit and optional loop holster
carrying case with shoulder strap
is also available to fit your need. To
optimize flexibility, it’s capable of
drawing operating power from batter-
ies, an AC-DC converter module, or a
computer via the USB interface. With
its features and very attractive price,
the V3500A truly redefines superior
High accuracy in both the
lab and field
Whether it’s used in the field or on
the factory floor, the Keysight V3500A
makes lab quality RF measurements
quickly and easily. Its absolute
accuracy up to ±0.21 dB,enables
more precise characterization of
devices, tighter test limits, and more
Convenient utilities
The V3500A incorporates several
handy and practical utilities that
make it easier than ever to attain high
quality RF measurements with this
handheld instrument. Compensate
the display reading for any losses or
gains between the location where
the level of power is desired and the
actual point where the power can be
measured. Typically the compensation
will be required for cable loss. The
relative offset factor can be as large
as 99.99 dB, and the offset can be
programmed with a resolution of
0.01 dB. A number of averaging values
can be used when the signal you
want to measure varies significantly
with time. A hold command saves a
measurement that is made in a hard
to reach area until the instrument
can be retrieved. A backlight can be
illuminated when making measure-
ments in poorly lit areas. To maximize
battery life, the V3500A can be set up
to turn off the backlight or the instru-
ment entirely after a specific period of
time. Once the instrument utilities are
setup in the manner you prefer, the
instrument state can be saved for the
next use.