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JAN1N6467 Datasheet, PDF (1/3 Pages) Microsemi Corporation – Voidless-Hermetically-Sealed Unidirectional Transient Suppressors
1N6461 thru 1N6468
Voidless-Hermetically-Sealed Unidirectional
Transient Suppressors
This series of industry recognized voidless-hermetically-sealed Unidirectional
Transient Voltage Suppressor (TVS) designs is military qualified to MIL-PRF-
19500/551 and are ideal for high-reliability applications where a failure cannot be
tolerated. They provide a Working Peak “Standoff” Voltage selection from 5.0 to 51.6
Volts with 500 W ratings. They are very robust in hard-glass construction and also use
an internal metallurgical bond identified as Category I for high reliability applications.
The 500 W series is military qualified to MIL-PRF-19500/551. These devices are also
available in a surface mount MELF package configuration by adding a “US” suffix (see
separate data sheet for 1N6461US thru 1N6468US). Microsemi also offers numerous
other TVS products to meet higher and lower peak pulse power and voltage ratings in
both through-hole and surface-mount packages.
“E” Package
IMPORTANT: For the most current data, consult MICROSEMI’s website: http://www.microsemi.com
• High surge current and peak pulse power provides
transient voltage protection for sensitive circuits
• Triple-layer passivation
• Internal “Category I” metallurgical bonds
• Voidless hermetically sealed glass package
• JAN/TX/TXV military qualifications available per MIL-
PRF-19500/551 by adding JAN, JANTX, or JANTXV
• Further options for screening in accordance with MIL-
PRF-19500 for JANS by using a “SP” prefix, e.g.
SP6462, SP6468, etc.
• Surface Mount equivalents are also available in a
square-end-cap MELF configuration with a “US” suffix
(see separate data sheet)
• Military and other high reliability transient protection
• Extremely robust construction
• Working Peak “Standoff” Voltage (VWM) from 5.0 to
51.6 V
• Available as 500 W Peak Pulse Power (PPP)
• ESD and EFT protection per IEC61000-4-2 and
IEC61000-4-4 respectively
• Secondary lightning protection per select levels in
• Flexible axial-leaded mounting terminals
• Nonsensitive to ESD per MIL-STD-750 Method
• Inherently radiation hard as described in Microsemi
MicroNote 050
• Operating & Storage Temperature: -55oC to +175oC
• Peak Pulse Power at 25oC: 500 Watts @ 10/1000 µs
(also see Figures 1,2 and 4)
• Impulse repetition rate (duty factor): 0.01%
• Forward Surge Current: 80 Amps@ 8.33 ms one-half
sine wave
• CASE: Hermetically sealed voidless hard glass
with Tungsten slugs
• TERMINATIONS: Axial-leads are Tin/Lead (Sn/Pb)
over copper
• MARKING: Body painted and part number, etc.
• POLARITY: Cathode band
• Forward Voltage: 1.5 V @ 1 Amp dc and 4.8 V at 100
• Tape & Reel option: Standard per EIA-296
Amps (pulsed)
• Steady-State Power: 2.5 Watts @ TA = 25oC (see
note below and Figure 4)
• Weight: 750 mg
• See package dimensions on last page
• Thermal Resistance @ 3/8 inch lead length: 60 oC/W
• Solder Temperatures: 260oC for 10 s (maximum)
NOTE: Steady-state power ratings with reference to ambient are for PC boards where thermal resistance from
mounting point to ambient is sufficiently controlled where TJ(MAX) is not exceeded.
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