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E1460A Datasheet, PDF (1/6 Pages) Keysight Technologies – 64-Channel Relay Multiplexer
Agilent E1460A
64-Channel Relay Multiplexer
Data Sheet
• 1-Slot, C-size, register based
• Armature latching relay channels
• Configuration for testing insulation
• Includes QUIC easy-to-use terminal block
• Numerous multiplexer topologies
• Configurable for scanning voltmeter applications
The Agilent E1460A High-Density Relay Multiplexer is a
C-size, 1-slot, register-based VXI module. This
64-channel multiplexer, using latching armature switches,
offers a highly configurable, high point-count switching
topology. Switching topologies include 64 two-wire, 32 three-
wire, 32 four-wire, or 128 single-ended latching relay channels.
This multiplexer consists of a component card with switches
(labeled E1460-66202) and the QUIC screw terminal block
(E1460-80011) that plugs onto the component card.
Use of SCPI commands or status bit jumpers on the terminal
card configures the E1460A “wire mode” as either a 128x1-
wire, 64x2-wire, 32x3-wire, or 32x4-wire multiplexer.
Applications for the E1460A include wire harness and cable
testing, semiconductor testing, and printed circuit board
Refer to the Agilent Technologies Website for instrument
driver availability and downloading instructions, as well as for
recent product updates, if applicable.
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