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9320-C02-10 Datasheet, PDF (1/4 Pages) List of Unclassifed Manufacturers – Powerware 9320 10-60 kVA
Powerware® 9320 10-60 kVA,
Modular, Online UPS
Product Focus
10-60 kVA
Powerware 9320-C03
Powerware 9320-C02
High Availability - each module is a self-contained unit; there is
no system - level single point-of-failure
High Reliability - DPA, distributed parallel architecture, offers up
to N+2 redundancy
High Performance - modular, scalable double conversion online
design ensures continuous uptime
Low Input THD and High Power Factor - ensure the lowest
installation costs, minimizing input breaker and wire size
Service & Support - provides around-the-clock service, support
and on-site maintenance programs with Powerware product
Power density, flexibility and
reliability are the key compo-
nents of the ideal power solu-
tion for critical IT applications,
and the Powerware 9320 offers
all three in a modular, scalable
UPS. The Powerware 9320 is
designed to provide redundancy
as well as the ability to increase
system capacity as your needs
change by using 10 or 20 kVA
modules in a single cabinet.
The Powerware 9320 fam-
ily includes two models, the
Powerware 9320-C02 and the
Powerware 9320-C03. The 9320-
C03 offers the advantage of
longer battery runtimes, growth
of system capacity up to 60 kVA
and up to N+2 redundancy. The
9320-C02 has a space-saving
design that features the batteries
in the cabinet, for applications
where space is at a premium.
The Powerware 9320
Advantage – Power
• More power per square foot
• Frees up valuable data center
In crowded data centers, saving
space means saving money on
costly expansion. New com-
puting architecture, including
rackable blade-style servers
that enable multiple functions
to be housed in a single high-
density system, is paving the
way for more efficient and
logically organized data centers.
The Powerware 9320 is ide-
ally designed for the imminent
change in data center infrastruc-
ture because it mirrors the same
concept by providing a high kVA
per square foot ratio.