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E-1072-220 Datasheet, PDF (1/4 Pages) ETAL Group – Voltage rating DC 24 V (19.2...36 V)
Solid State Remote Power Controller E-1072-2...
The E-T-A Solid State Remote Power Controller E-1072-2.. complies
with the EC Machinery Directive 98/37/EG and meets the requirements
of EN60204 part 1 “Electrical equipment of machinery, safety of
machinery” in ungrounded DC 24 V supply systems (“IT systems”).
The E-1072-2.. is a double pole electronic switching amplifier for
magnetic valves (hydraulic and pneumatic mechanisms), magnetic
brakes and magnetic couplings with rated voltage DC 24 V and a max.
current rating of 1 A or 2 A. It combines true circuit breaker characteristics
with additional diagnostic functions.
Why use the E-1072-2..
l for double pole switching of actuators (magnetic valves, magnetic
brakes) in machinery and equipment
l for monitoring the electronic function of the loads and signal to the PLC
l for preventing a voltage dip of the DC 24 V output voltage in a
Technical Data (TU = 25 °C, US = DC 24 V) (TU = ambient temperature at UN)
switch-mode power supply, in the event of a short circuit, as a true
2 pole, remotely controllable electronic circuit breaker
l for protecting the cables of the load circuit
l for status signalling and for visually indicating load circuit
faults (LEDs or RED trip button) via potential-free signal contacts
l for double-pole physical isolation of the load circuit –­ manually
or electrically in the event of a failure (short circuit/overload)
Voltage rating UN
DC 24 V
Operating voltage US
DC 19.2...36 V
Current rating IN
max. 1 A or 2 A
Current consumption I0 typically 25 mA
(UContr = “0”)
Power loss Pmax (IN= 1 A) typically 1.6 W
Residual ripple for all voltages max. 5 % (3 phase bridge)
Reverse polarity protection US integral -> fault release, LEDs not
Caution: Ensure free travel of actuator
l Voltage rating DC 24 V (19.2...36 V)
l Current rating IN max. 1 A or 2 A (min. load current 30 mA)
l Activates and monitors DC 24 V magnetic valves
l PLC controllable 2 pole remote power controller with physical
isolation of control input
Insulation voltage
Load Circuit
AC 500 V (control circuit, load circuit,
fault indication “Err1” and “Err2”)
indication “BM”
- Switching output with integral current limitation to 2 x IN
Load output
two pole switching output (minus and
- Disconnection of load in the event of short circuit or overload,
(term. 31-term. 32)
plus switching), MOS transistors
followed by double pole physical isolation of load
Max. load data
DC 24 V/1 A or 2 A (no derating over the
- Permanent wire break monitoring of load circuit
entire temperature range!)
- Group fault signalisation via relay contact “Err1”
Min. load data
DC 24 V / 50 mA (wire break
- Additional signal contact “Err2” when integral circuit breaker
threshold 30 mA)
has tripped due to short circuit or overload in the load circuit
Voltage drop at IN (with IN=1 A) typically 0.8 V
- LED displays: LED green: OK
Switching times (ton/toff) typically 1 ms (resistive load)
LED red: Error
LED yellow In/Ctrl (control current indication)
Overload disconnection
Trip time (Iload = 1.5 x IN)
approx 1.15 x IN
typically 1 s
- Integral reverse polarity protection and overload protection for
Short-circuit current IK
typically 2 x IN current limitaton
control and load circuit
Trip time (upon IK)
typically 300 ms at IN = 1 A,
- No back-up fuse required due to integral fail-safe element
100 ms at IN = 2 A, 2-pole isolation of
- Track-mountable, width 22.5 mm
load circuit after approx. 20 ms
Additional feature E-1072-210
- additional “status indication” relay output to facilitate confirmation
to a PLC, for example, of activation and a load current > 30 mA.
Wire break monitoring
–> RED LED indicates, fault indication F
“Err1” and “Err2”
with the load switched on or off; RED LED
“Error” lighted, group fault signalisation
Additional feature E-1072-220
(see fig. “inrush current curve magnetic valves”)
- Analogue output 4-20 mA proportional to load current enables
permanent monitoring of magnetic valve circuits as well as
recording of the load current via ET200 sub-assemblies or field
bus modules (with analogue input). In addition it is possible to
check the inrush current characteristic curve of a magnetic valve
to determine whether the armature of the valve has moved or is
(UContr= “0”) wire break threshold Rload > 30 kΩ
(UContr= “1”) minimum current Iload < 30 mA
Supervision of load circuit with the load switched on, the load
current is monitored via the two
switching outputs GREEN LED indicates
(OK signal), Iload > 30 mA
Leakage current (UContr = “0”) typically 1 mA
Free-wheeling circuitry
Load current measurement no isolation of load circuit required as a
(term. 33: +shunt/
term. 34: -shunt)
IN = 1 A: 0.2 Ω/1 %, IN = 2 A: 0.1 Ω/1 %
measuring shunt is integral with the device.
Measurement by voltmeter terminal 33 -
Isolation of load circuit
terminal 34 (200 mV = IN)
2-pole by relay contacts
- by manual release of RED button
- approx. 20 ms after electronic tripping
due to overload or short circuit (“OFF”)